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Download the Planning Templates

A companion to the Self-Help moving book, this spreadsheet contains 12 helpful templates to plan your move.  Included is an Inventory sheet to show you how to estimate furniture and boxes.  There is a cost template to estimate the total cost of your move including truck rental, box and supply purchases, and other moving costs.  

View Helpful YouTube Videos

I have pulled together the most useful You-Tube videos of moving techniques to help reinforce packing and loading skills. Check them out!

Self-moving YouTube Video Collection

The You-Tube videos below are all featured in my book: "Try Moving Yourself - The Complete Self-Moving Guide for a full Household Move."  Each video is explained in greater detail in chapters on Packing and Loading.

The "How to Use a U-Haul® Box" video gives quck instructions on how to assemble a flat box.   You will find this video in Chapter 8: Packing in my "Try Moving Yourself" book.  The Chapter also illustrates the use of 8 key general and specialty boxes.  

The "How to Pack Pictures and Glass" video shows you how to use the versatile "Mirror Pack" box.  This useful specialty box is featured in Chapter 9 in my "Try Moving Yourself" book.  

You'll find the helpful "How to Pack Mattresses and Bed Frames" video in Chapter 9 of my "Try Moving Yourself" book.  You will also find a few of my own tips and tricks.

These terrific Wardrobe boxes can be used as temporary closets between packing day and moving day by leaving the front flap open.  Check out Chapter 9 in my "Try Moving Yourself" book for more instructions.

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