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Download Free Planning Templates

A companion to the Self-Help moving book, this spreadsheet contains 12 helpful templates to plan your move.  Included is an Inventory sheet to show you how to estimate furniture and boxes.  There is a cost template to estimate the total cost of your move including truck rental, box and supply purchases, and other moving costs.

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Questions about your self-move? Need advice? Sign up for a one-hour one-on-one consulting session with John Elie, author and Consultant. Use the session to:

  • Review the end-to-end moving cycle, and understand how it applies to your situation
  • Review key estimation tools:
    • Cubic foot estimating tools for furniture and boxes
    • Number and type of Moving Boxes to purchase
    • Total Cost of Move Estimate
  • Learn how to work effectively with U-Haul
  • Develop a Household Packing Strategy
  • Develop a 'Moving Weekend' Strategy

Only $30/Hour for a full hour of self-moving instruction and consulting!

    Session Time : 30 min

    Purchase 3 hours of webinar Instructions for only $9.99

    View Helpful YouTube Videos

    I have pulled together the most useful You-Tube videos of moving techniques to help reinforce packing and loading skills. Check them out!

    Self-moving YouTube Video Collection

    The You-Tube videos below are all featured in my book: "Try Moving Yourself - The Complete Self-Moving Guide for a full Household Move."  Each video is explained in greater detail in chapters on Packing and Loading.

    U-Haul Shorty Wardrobe® Box

    The “How to Use a U-Haul® Box” video gives quck instructions on how to assemble a flat box.   You will find this video in Chapter 8: Packing in my “Try Moving Yourself” book.  The Chapter also illustrates the use of 8 key general and specialty boxes.  

    How To Pack Pictures and Glass - Movers-Moving.NET

    The “How to Pack Pictures and Glass” video shows you how to use the versatile “Mirror Pack” box.  This useful specialty box is featured in Chapter 9 in my “Try Moving Yourself” book.  

    How to Pack Mattresses & Bed Frames

    You’ll find the helpful “How to Pack Mattresses and Bed Frames” video in Chapter 9 of my “Try Moving Yourself” book.  You will also find a few of my own tips and tricks.

    U-Haul Shorty Wardrobe® Box

    These terrific Wardrobe boxes can be used as temporary closets between packing day and moving day by leaving the front flap open.  Check out Chapter 9 in my “Try Moving Yourself” book for more instructions.

    How to Pack Wardrobe Boxes

    How to Pack Lamps and Lampshades

    How to Pack a Kitchen

    How to Use a U-Haul Truck Ramp and Roll-Up Door

    How to Pack or Load a Moving Truck, POD, or Storage Unit

    How to Wrap a Long Dresser

    Highland Moving: How to Blanket Wrap a Dining Room Hutch Top

    How to pack / wrap a sofa | shrink wrap tips | expert packing movers | moving tutorial |

    How to Pack: Fridges or Freezers

    How to move an upright piano

    How to hook up a U-Haul trailer

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