About The Author, John Elie

I learned the moving trade as a young man working for a Mayflower Agency, including a full year on the road six to seven days a week moving families as a driver/loader.  I also spent time on packing teams, in the warehouse, and as a dispatcher.  For the past 30 years, while working in project management, I have helped friends and family with countless U-Haul self moves.  I am now sharing all the trade secrets so anyone can plan and execute a self-move with professional results.

Tools for Self-Moving

This web site will arm you with all the tools and instructions needed to plan and complete a smooth self-move.  Download the self-move ebook and the companion spreadsheet with 12 planning templates.  Check out the You-Tube videos to reinforce packing and loading techniques.  The book will povide a complete, end to end overview using a sample household move with U-Haul equipment. 

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