High Praise for “Try Moving Yourself…”

“From estimating the truck size needed to fit all furniture and belongings to using the 12 Excel template downloads provided with this book to plan each step of the packing and moving experience, Try Moving Yourself! Is the item of choice for anyone who wants to take charge of their own move, whether it is a short distance or cross-country.

This book should be a top shelf item for anyone who wants to do a move with certainty, knowledge, and understanding of all the elements that make a move not just successful, but achievable for the ordinary person. Its clear instructions and formula for success could not be better.”

Diane Donovan, Editor

Donovan’s Literary Services

Mid-West Book Review

 December 8, 2020

“This is an extensive, encouraging, and oh so informative book, covering everything from how to estimate your square footage of belongings to how to set up the various U-Haul boxes and drive the truck!

The organizational tools in this book are very helpful for anyone considering a move of any sort, self or not. The detail is much more than you would get from a professional mover, and includes the little things to think about for move day and unpack day. There are step by step instructions about booking boxes and trucks, figuring out which things to pack first, how to wrap furniture. Photos are clear and illustrate the items well. Videos are excellent for clarifying box construction… This is a very good guide, and would be a perfect gift for a student or someone who will be moving in the future.”

Dorothyanne Brown

Reedsy, Discovery Book Reviews

December 12, 2020